SOA Consulting Services
eBay uses 100% Open Source - WSO2

eBay is the world's largest online marketplace. Today, more than 94 million active users around the globe flock to eBay to find the best deals in cyberspace. In 2010 alone, the total value of goods sold on eBay was a staggering $62 billion or $2,000 every second.

Along with eBay's success comes a huge demand to ensure reliable, 24x7 availability of the services that enable these transactions. There's no room for error, especially during the peak online holiday shopping season. For eBay, that has meant using the WSO2 ESB to carry more than 1 billion transactions per day during peak shopping times in 2010.

What is SOA?

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services.

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the underlying structure supporting communications between services. SOA defines how two computing entities, such as programs, interact in such a way as to enable one entity to perform a unit of work on behalf of another entity. Service interactions are defined using a description language. Each interaction is self-contained and loosely coupled, so that each interaction is independent of any other interaction.

SOA Consulting Services

Most enterprises recognize the strategic business imperative to transition to SOA and are developing service-based architectures and solutions.   Yet for many, the delivery of business value from SOA is proving elusive.  RAYATT Consultants have extensive experince in SOA. We can provide expert assistance to:

  • ensure current projects are delivering effective SOA;
  • align SOA practices across multiple projects and programs;
  • define SOA work breakdown structure, deliverables and estimating guidelines in an agile environment;
  • evolve current methods and tools to incorporate sound SOA practices;
  • redefine data and information practices for SOA and Business Intelligence;
  • establish effective, real SOA governance; and
  • develop and communicate the benefits of service architecture to business and IT.

Realize maximum value from your SOA initiative

SOA is no longer a question of “what” but of “how”; SOA is here. Tridens’s SOA consulting services guide you step-by-step on your path to a service-oriented organization. Our SOA consulting offerings encompass Assessment and Planning, Center of Excellence (CoE), Governance, SOA and Integration Architecture, Design and Development, and Management.

Assessment and Planning

Assesses readiness to adopt SOA or to alter an existing SOA strategy, and develops a comprehensive roadmap to guide the transition so as to achieve the desired goals and objectives.


Center of Excellence (CoE)

Directs tasks. SOA is a program, not a project. As such, it requires the creation of an SOA and integration CoE, comprised of subject-matter experts who manage all aspects of your SOA initiatives.


SOA and Integration Architecture

Designs principles, standards, and models required to implement and manage the execution of an SOA transformation and enterprise application integration (EAI) for an enterprise.


Design and Development

Identifies, builds, and implements services with the supporting applications’ infrastructure.



Maintains, monitors, and administrates SOA and integration environments.



Establishes the SOA governance model, as well as the policies, frameworks, processes, roles, and responsibilities essential for an SOA transformation.


So confident are we in the benefits our service can bring we offer prospective clients a minimum of  two days completely free consultancy from two of our lead analysts.

In this time they will work onsite with your staff to listen to any specific issues that you face or will review your entire IT architecture if you have no defined project you wish to engage us on.

At the end of this period you will be given a suggested project plan and initial high level solution design with cost, timeframes and saving estimates.

Your business can then decide to do one of the following:

1. Engage RAYATT to expand upon the proposed solution and give detailed architecture, timelines, cost savings, resource needs etc.
2. Engage RAYATT to bring the plan to fruition in its entirety with our own dedicated project & development teams.
3. Engage RAYATT to project manage and supply expertise to your own staff.
4. Take the plan to one of our competitors to implement.
5. Build the solution in house with your own staff.
6. Throw the suggestions in the bin and end your relationship with RAYATT!

Of course if you try options 4, 5 or 6 we make no promises of your project's success!

Contact us here if you would like to arrange your free consultancy.