QA (Manual & Automation)
Independent Testing Division

At RAYATT, we have an independent testing division assisting organisations globally to deliver high quality software applications. We provide Quality Assurance for your projects through our Software Testing Services which involves the delivery of all aspects of end-to-end enterprise software testing.

This service includes the delivery of quality assurance plans, quality assurance framework, testing health checks, system testing, system integration testing, user acceptance, non-functional testing including performance and security as well as testing for mobile applications and cloud based software.

Our work engagements offer a flexible approach where the QA and testing may be for a few days right up to large scale testing programs involving a number of specialist testing resources.

Why choose RAYATT for QA ?

Reduce Downtime

Get an instant match for your project’s testing needs by accessing RAYATT’s team of skilled testers. All of our testers are permanent members of staff who have extensive domain experience, allowing them to deliver value from day one.

Avoid the Cost of Recruitment

Recruitment is a costly exercise that involves significant risk. By partnering with RAYATT for your testing resources, you can avoid these costs and leverage our team of carefully selected testing professionals.

Qualified Testing Professionals

RAYATT has a formal testing career path that allows us to benchmark our testers and provide the training necessary to take their skills to the next level. This includes achieving accreditation such as ISTQB and Certified Agile Tester.

Cohesive Team

RAYATT offers a cohesive team of testers who know each other, have worked together and are able to perform immediately on site. Build a solid testing team that suits your needs.

Best Practice Processes

One of RAYATT’s greatest strengths is the consistency of methodology, processes and procedures exercised by our testers who follow common testing practices based upon the ISTQB.

Risk Mitigation of Staff Turnover

We can mitigate the risk of staff absence and turnover through our resource management practices and procedures. These include skills and knowledge handover, staff planning and review.

Gain Testing Efficiencies

RAYATT can provide efficient and effective testing resources for your test team and perform test process improvement to help streamline your existing testing practices. This may include solidifying requirements into robust test suites and by re-using testing materials for future test preparation.


Planit offers a truly flexible and convenient testing solution, matching the peaks and troughs in your project lifecycle with the right testing resources for those occasions.


So confident are we in the benefits our service can bring we offer prospective clients a minimum of  two days completely free consultancy from two of our lead analysts.

In this time they will work onsite with your staff to listen to any specific issues that you face or will review your entire IT architecture if you have no defined project you wish to engage us on.

At the end of this period you will be given a suggested project plan and initial high level solution design with cost, timeframes and saving estimates.

Your business can then decide to do one of the following:

1. Engage RAYATT to expand upon the proposed solution and give detailed architecture, timelines, cost savings, resource needs etc.
2. Engage RAYATT to bring the plan to fruition in its entirety with our own dedicated project & development teams.
3. Engage RAYATT to project manage and supply expertise to your own staff.
4. Take the plan to one of our competitors to implement.
5. Build the solution in house with your own staff.
6. Throw the suggestions in the bin and end your relationship with RAYATT!

Of course if you try options 4, 5 or 6 we make no promises of your project's success!

Contact us here if you would like to arrange your free consultancy.