Consultancy for Business IT Strategy
Why use RAYATT Consultancy?

At RAYATT our consultants are specialist in a wide range of industries and we stay abreast of all best of breed software / service providers across the business IT spectrum (including Open Source technologies) so are in a unique position to advise you on the best solution for your company.

Are you faced with the following challenges and would benefit from expert advice and assistance?

  • Dealing with rapid business growth
  • Expanding into global markets
  • Improving your software products
  • Implementation of BPM Processes
  • Driving new or changed business strategy
  • Driving innovation (such as cloud applications)
  • Implementing strategic IT planning
  • Increasing productivity
  • Complying with changing regulations
  • Business continuity planning
  • New Products Development
  • Transforming your ideas to reality

If you’re looking for IT consultants that evaluate your software technology challenges at a business level rather than at an IT level, RAYATT Consultants can help.

Free Consultancy?

So confident are we in the benefits our service can bring we offer prospective clients a minimum of  two days completely free consultancy from two of our lead analysts.

In this time they will work onsite with your staff to listen to any specific issues that you face or will review your entire IT architecture if you have no defined project you wish to engage us on.

At the end of this period you will be given a suggested project plan and initial high level solution design with cost, timeframes and saving estimates.

Your business can then decide to do one of the following:

1. Engage RAYATT to expand upon the proposed solution and give detailed architecture, timelines, cost savings, resource needs etc.
2. Engage RAYATT to bring the plan to fruition in its entirety with our own dedicated project & development teams.
3. Engage RAYATT to manage project and supply expertise to your own staff.
4. Take the plan to one of our competitors to implement.
5. Build the solution in house with your own staff.
6. Throw the suggestions in the bin and end your relationship with RAYATT!

Of course if you try options 4, 5 or 6 we make no promises of your project's success!

Contact us here if you would like to arrange your free consultancy.